• "Gaited horses are comfortable and easy to learn to ride. However, training a gaited horse can be challenging in that we must slowly bring it into a correct frame without jeapordizing the gait."
  • “Larry teaches you how to teach your horse to relax so you can teach a correct response with the least effort. He teaches you how to teach your horse to respond to subtle cues.”
  • “Gaited horses are genetically bred to gait and if this is true, we shouldn’t need special bits, shoes, or other pieces of equipment, to get them to do what their genes tell them.”
  • "Renowned gaited horseman since 1980, Larry was very successful in the show ring winning regional, national and grand national championships... He has held judges cards in several gaited breeds."
  • "Larry learned to bring horses into a more classical frame to gait. When you strengthen the correct muscles, the horse can carry a rider and rebalance into natural collection."
  • "There is no limit to auditors, but clinics are usually limited to 6-12 riders depending on the facility (Private clinics can also be arranged at our farm). You will learn the most by bringing your horse. Your skill level doesn't matter."
  • "Classical training teaches the horse to rebalance itself into a relaxed frame of collection, engaging the hind legs. Engagement of the hind legs, whether false or real is what makes a gaited horse gait."
  • "We must train our horse not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. Horses express their emotions often by tensing up physically against outside stimuli, including any form of contact with the handler."
  • "Horses that react are not as reliable or consistent as those that learn to respond to subtle cues. Crisis management is not management. It leaves many victims in its path."
  • "Most people should be able to put a “basic handle” on their horse. That means you should be able to get your horse to the right place at the right time with the least amount of effort."
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Gaited Horsemanship Expert Larry Whitesell Opens Up to Equine VIP!
Susan Ashbrook interviews Larry Whitesell, 2002 Trainer of the Year.


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